Frequently Asked Questions

What size shall I buy?

First off you should contact your local county, city or government municipalities and see what size restrictions they might have for garbage cans. Some garbage trucks have automated tippers that can pick up the 95 gallon with ease but others donít. Certain homeowners associations might also have size restrictions.

Which container style should I get?

The Regular style is more than sufficient for all animals and bears. The Heavy Duty model is gives extra assurance that is ideal for areas that have Grizzly Bears. Both container designs have been rigorously tested and at the Living with Wildlife Foundation.

What type of container is it?

It is a High Density Polyethylene Plastic body with solid steel axle with rubber wheels. Various aluminum parts have been specially retrofitted to make it animal proof.

How long will the container last?

It has a 20 year life expectancy; designed for the worst weather conditions.

How can I tell if it is animal proof?

Check out the video on the front page of the testing that took place at the Living with Wildlife Foundation for an example of the abuse a 650lb Grizzly bear gave it. It also keeps out small animals with ease, but if an animal has nothing to do all day long they might be able to eventually chew a hole through the plastic but they usually donít have the patience for this. Most animals will try for a couple minutes then move to your neighborís trash that might be an easier target.

How long does it take to ship?

We usually have inventory in stock so it usually ships 2 business days after the order is placed. If an item is out of stock we will inform you of the estimated shipping date. 32 gallon containers ship via FedEx, 95 gallon containers with ship using a common carrier truck line.