Articles on Bear Incidents

Storing Food and Trash to Avoid Bears

Bears have an acute sense of smell, and are attracted to human and pet foods as well as waste. If you do not properly store these items, it can allow bears to eat human food and become dependent on it. This can greatly increase the probability of encounters with humans (i.e. Not having a bear proof trash can can lead to increased probability of an encounter with a bear). Most brown and black bear encounters in human-populated areas involve so-called “trouble bears”, usually you...

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Hungry Bears are Dangerous

One of the most dangerous situations a human being can be faced with is a hungry bear. With the decrease of hunting grounds and food crops such as berries and bark, bears often become more desperate and aggressive as they search for food to feed themselves and their bear cubs. However, this hunger has also triggered an unexpected reaction: bears began to follow gunshots because they realized that gunshots often result in dead animals that...

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Causes of Bear Attacks

Nearly every bear attack occurring in the wild has resulted from the human surprising the bear. Hunters are the people most at risk of bear attacks because, as Tom Smith, a U.S. Geographical Survey research biologist, describes, “Hunters typically aren’t making any noise, and they sleuth around while wearing camo. This description is somewhat stereotypical, but essentially true. Hunters try to be silent and, though many hunters wear reflective clothing so as not to become ...

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