About Growler Cans - Animal Proof Containers

Several years ago when we moved to a new house many times I would get the surprise of garbage strewn throughout the yards. Not wanting to pick up garbage from my yard I decide to alter one of my trash containers that I used in my document shredding business. I thought the first design was good enough, not so as the animal ripped off the back of the container. I assumed it was a raccoon but there was no way that it could rip the lid off. After making other adjustments I finally had a design that seemed to been animal proof. After kicking around the idea for a long time I decided to start making them for consumers.

The first thing that I wanted to do was design one that could handle all animals, therefore my design needed to be proven. Living in Florida the bears here are smaller than their counterpart the Grizzly Bear. I finally came up with a design and shipped my container out to the Living with Wildlife Foundation in Montana to be tested. I wanted to make sure that I was making something that actually worked. After a short time I was informed that the design was able to withstand 60 minutes of actual contact with a grizzly bear.

Now the containers are made in small shop in Sanford, FL with parts from the USA.

- Dennis Booth, Founder